Derry’s Áine ‘one to watch’ in 2016

Derry woman Aine Carlin, author of The New Vegan. Photograph by Nassima Rothacker.
Derry woman Aine Carlin, author of The New Vegan. Photograph by Nassima Rothacker.

A Derry woman has been listed by the ‘Irish Times’ as one of 50 Irish people ‘to watch’ in 2016.

Thirty-four-years-old Áine Carlin, from the city’s Culmore Road, first cut her teeth in the publishing industry two years ago, with her collection of vegan recipes.

The book ‘Keep it Vegan’ quickly saw Áine described as the ‘go to’ person for tips and suggestions on all aspects of a vegan lifestyle.

She’s now a familiar face on TV3’s Ireland AM where she regulary cooks up vegan treats and has recently featured prominently on a number of Irish radio stations.

The London ‘Telegraph’ described Áine’s approach as ‘non preachy’ and one which has endeared her to a legion of vegan followers.

With her latest book continuing to receive rave reviews, the former Thornhill pupil turned TV chef says ‘The New Vegan’ which is on sale across the UK and Ireland is about the entire vegan lifestyle.

“When it comes to opting for a vegan lifestyle often the food is the easiest aspect of the choice,” says Áine.

“For me, the big challenge was having to veganise my wardrobe! I love fashion and I had so many clothes that I had to get rid of. It really became about saying no to that pair of leather boots. But I basically went on ebay and just started buying great alternatives.

“It’s the same with beauty products obviously, because so many of them are tested on animals but there are so many great D.I.Yoptions when it comes to skincare too and this is also something I look at in the ‘The New Vegan.’ For people who are new to the lifestyle it’s an introduction to all those different elements.

“In the past I’ve heard many people who are quite vocal about being vegan and I know I never responded very well to that kind of approach so it’s not the way I wanted my books to come across.”

Áine decided to adopt a vegan diet five years ago, along with her husband Jason, after the pair became determined to improve their health, and their ethical footprint on the world.

Since then her lifestyle has become her career as she speaks to thousands on social media and via television and radio about what life as a vegan is all about. And with hopes for a third book, Áine’s schedule is showing no signs of slowing down,

“I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and I think the first two books compliment each other and are a really good resource for people who are vegan - or considering it. For me, ‘The New Vegan’ is about a fresh approach to veganism and a new wave of veganism. There’s something in the book for everybody and I hope that people will use the two books side by side.

“I’m delighted with the response to both books,” says Áine, who now lives in Cornwall.

“They’ve been received really well and in particular in Ireland. I’m getting an opportunity to work in Ireland a lot more as well which is great.”

Áine’s books ‘Keep it Vegan’ and ‘The New Vegan’ are currently available in Eason, Waterstones, WH Smith and on Amazon and are published by Kyle Books.

Books can also be requested by order in all good independent bookshops.