Derry smokers urged to get help to kick the habit

New estimates suggest almost 30% of adults in Derry smoke - one of the highest rates across the North, England, Scotland and Wales

The ACORN (acronym for A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods) data suggests that as of December 2013, 28% of adults living in the Derry City Council area smoke - that’s almost 30,000 people

Only Belfast, at 29%, has a higher adult smoking rate in the North.

Smokers in the city are now being encouraged to use No Smoking Day on March 12 as an incentive to kick the habit.

Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director at British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland said quitting is the single biggest thing you can do to improve health.

“Stubbing the cigarettes out will significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and a variety of cancers and you’ll have more money to spend on things that you enjoy.

“We know that quitting isn’t easy but last year nearly a million smokers across the country used No Smoking Day to try and mark the start of their smoke free future.”

The No Smoking Day Coordinating Group, BHF Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency (PHA) and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, are encouraging people to use local support for their quit attempt.

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