Disabled man makes bin plea

A Derry man with a muscle wasting disease in his leg has criticised Derry City Council after claiming refuse collectors are not lifting his black bin.

Daniel Harkin, Westway, Creggan, said that his condition means he is unable to pull his wheelie bin to the street for collection. He said he has been assessed by occupational health experts who have provided him with documentation compelling refuse collectors to come into his front yard to get his bin.

Mr Harkin, who walks with the aid of a crutch, said that some weeks the bin is lifted but that there are often period of up to six weeks where it is not.

“I am getting fed up with it,” he said. “I have lived in Westway for a year and a half and I was moved up there from Ardfoyle because of my condition. I have no feeling below my right knee.

“I can’t pull the heavy bin out to the road because it is too heavy for me to move it but they are supposed to come in and get it but more often than not they don’t,” he said.

Mr Harkin also said that his bin only need to be moved a few yards but that he is unable to do it. “The letters I have from the occupational therapists at Gransha say they have to come in and get the bins.

“To make it easier I keep my bin at the front of the house to save them from going round to the back. It is only a few yards to the road but I can’t manage it. They don’t have to move it far but even this seems to much sometimes,” he said.

Mr Harkin said that it is an ongoing problem. “Some weeks it is lifted without a fuss then other weeks it just sits there. It can be left for weeks at a time and it is getting ridiculous,” he claimed.

He also said he has raised the issue with Derry City Council on a number of occasions. “I have telephoned the Council and I have been down at the offices a few times and I have been told that it will be sorted out but it keeps happening. I just don’t know what to do” he said.

Mr Harkin also said that he only has a problem with his black bin. “The blue bin is lifted every other week as normal but they seem to have a problem with the black bin.

“All I want is for my bin to be lifted and emptied every two weeks like everyone else’s,” he said.

A spokesperson for Derry City Council said: “Derry City Council has been made aware of the issue with Mr Harkin’s household assisted bin collection. Waste Management Service will deal with the complaint and resolve it to the satisfaction of the resident.”