Disabled woman evicted after ‘mysterious injuries’

Vivienne Peoples.
Vivienne Peoples.

The family of a disabled woman have described as “outrageous” an eviction order served on her while she is in hospital.

They also slammed Apex, the Housing Association responsible, for failing to deal fully with their enquiries into how 38 year-old Vivienne Peoples received more than 15 unexplained injuries over the course of four years.

Vivienne Peoples.

Vivienne Peoples.

They said those injuries include black eyes, a “severely” bruised groin, bruising to her stomach, fractures to her elbow and shoulder and split lips which required stitches on two occasions.

Vivienne’s sister, Nicola Hamilton, said: “We’ve repeatedly asked how she got these injuries. There may be an innocent explanation. There never seems to be any witnessess, and we’ve been told we are demoralising staff. with our complaints.”

She said the latest episode saw Vivienne, who has cerebral palsy and a mental age of three to five years old, suffer a fractured elbow and shoulder in July.

Family members said they were told she was found in a pool of blood in the hall.

Vivienne required surgery to insert a tension wire in her right arm, and she still remains in hospital in Gransha for treatment.

Her family say that last week Apex served her with a seven day notice to quit her room in Belmont Cottages, residential accommodation for people with learning disabilities, where she has lived since 2007.

The reason given in the notice, issued last Monday, was “seriously disruptive and violent behaviour directed at other residents. . . which has escalated over a number of months and you have failed to desist.”

Vivienne’s mother Monica told the Journal: “The family and our solicitor have not been given details of this disruptive behaviour.

“Vivienne has been in Lakeview for the last three months and there hasn’t been any disruptive behaviour there.

“The question is why are they doing this and why now?”

She said Vivienne got the notice by post, despite the fact she is registered blind.

Destined, a leading disabled charity condemned the manner in which APEX communicated with the family.

Destined manager, Dermot O’Hara, said: “This was a scandalous decision by Apex to make this young woman homeless and with only seven days notice.

“How is a person with a learning disability supposed to source new accommodation with only a week to do it? We are also still waiting on Apex to forward on the details of the alleged behavioural incidents.”

When contacted for comment Apex said only: “We cannot comment on individual cases in the interests of resident confidentiality.

“The needs and best interests of all residents are paramount to us and our services are delivered in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.”