Durkan raises junior doctor contract change ‘frustrations’

Foyle MP, Mark Durkan.
Foyle MP, Mark Durkan.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has written to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to support of the deep “consternation and frustration” felt by junior doctors in Derry and throughout the North to proposed contract changes.

Mr Durkan said he has been contacted by a large number of constituents regarding junior doctor contracts.

“Their frustrations,” he said, “are not limited to working hours and rates of pay but also include patient safety and the consequent care that their patients will receive as a result of the implementation of these contracts.

“The consternation and frustration I have heard from junior doctors is deeply felt and such demoralisation could be far-reaching for the character and shape of future services.

“My own concerns about the changes also extend to medical students being dissuaded from pursuing certain career paths.”