Fancy a pint and a health check-up?

Health Facilitator, Margaret Cunningham.
Health Facilitator, Margaret Cunningham.

Derry’s ‘Monday Club’ has been in existence as far back as most people can remember.

The ‘Monday Club’ has been a traditional day when Derry men went to the pub either during the day or after work.

In a bid to tackle the serious issue of men’s health locally, Derry based health vacillator, Margaret Cunningham is hoping to start an initiative that would see her offer free check-ups in many of Derry’s bars.

Margaret is hoping to start her ‘Boys to Men’ campaign in April and said the interest she has received so far has been remarkable.

“I have been in contact with many of the bars in Derry and they are keen to let me come to the bar and chat to the men.

“I want to stress that the men take part of their own volition - this is not something that is going to be forced on anyone.

“I thought to myself that if men didn’t want to come to me for health tips I would go to them,” said former nurse, Margaret.

Margaret is hoping to begin her health check-ups in April and they will run from 5pm to 7pm every Monday.

“I am sort of hoping with some Dutch courage the men will be more open to having a health check-up.

“During the ‘Boys to Men’ campaign I will be focusing on blood pressure, weight as well as giving advice and information on cancer, Type Two Diabetes and heart disease.”

If you would like to avail of a free health check-up from Margaret Cunningham in your pub telephone 07714651572.