Home Care still a priority for Trust

The number of people waiting to have care packages put in place by the Western Trust’s Domiciliary Care team has decreased by almost 40% since October of last year - however the Trust itself has admitted there is much more to be done.

The Trust yesterday revealed that 196 clients remain on the waiting list - although this number has decreased from 329 since in the last three months.

A spokesperson yesterday said: “The Western Trust regrets that there is still a significant number of clients on the Domiciliary Care waiting list.

“Staff are working extremely hard to reduce this waiting list and this is reflected in the significant reduction in the number of clients on the list by approximately 40% since October 2010.

“It is important to clarify that most of clients on the waiting list would have part of their care package in place but remain on the waiting list until the totality of their package is provided.

“In some cases clients may also be waiting in hospital for a care package to be put in place.”

The Trust spokesperson said that the Trust was aware that more needed to be done to address the waiting list and said they will continue to keep the issue of Domiciliary Care as a priority.

She said: “The Trust anticipates additional investment in the next financial year and is working closely with the Health and Social Care Board, which commissions our services, to agree how best to address the needs of those currently on the waiting list.”