How to increase your confidence with Seamus Fox

Personal trainer, Seamus Fox pictured with one of his clients at FF Fitness.
Personal trainer, Seamus Fox pictured with one of his clients at FF Fitness.

In this week's Health, Fitness and Mindset blog, award winning personal trainer, Seamus Fox discusses how to increase your confidence by facing your fears and doing things which make you feel good.

How can you increase confidence?

We all suffer or have at one point with a lack of confidence, which can stem from a multitude of reasons. People tell me a lot, that it’s something they would like to increase and have more of.

"You have lots of confidence Seamus!"

'Do I?' Ok quick story, I never did but I worked hard at it.

When I started as a personal trainer, way back before Facebook, and Instagram, yes there was such a time, before the days you could post a pic of your abs and qualified you as a personal trainer, we had to do a thing called speaking face to face to people first, mad isn’t it? But true!!

Well this scared the absolute bejeezuz out of me, I used to shy away until I realised if I don’t get this shit done, I’m skint and have no income so get a bloody grip!!

All I thought was jesus what will I say? How do I approach them?

I’d no training, no sales or marketing training to use other than my days selling cigarettes in the markets, believe me it helped!

Making cold calls and walking round the gym floors is how I got clients before I could showcase results, the more I did that the more my confidence grew, shocking eh?

The more you do something the better you become at it, which then makes you more confident at doing it.

Confidence comes from doing the things daily that make you feel better about yourself.

Things that increase confidence!


*Good nutrition

*Smart habits

*Setting and hitting goals

*Feeling that you are moving forward!

*Feeling of value

*Having a positive outlook

*Staying away from negative people

Gaining confidence will come from facing fears and just going for it, once you do, those fears subside. Like always though it’s a daily weekly lifestyle habit that you need to maintain.

I read, listen, travel, take courses, spend so much each year to invest in myself to be a better person and coach. This all helps increase confidence in my ability, and in turn how I feel about myself.

If you want to increase confidence you need to do the things that make you feel good. You also need to face a few fears, over and over again!

Before you know it you will be doing the very things you once feared, and will have the confidence to push yourself even further.