Inishowen sports students score at NWRC!

Inishowen sports students score at NWRC!

Half of the North West Regional College (NWRC) students in Derry awarded the IFA Grassroots Introductory Award in Coaching are from Inishowen.

One young recipient, Susanne McLaughlin, began her football career in Aileach Youth Club, Burnfoot, at the age of five. Susanne, her sister Christina and brother Christopher were all members of the Sean Davis Fun Soccer Academy.

Congratulating the students, College Lecturer, Sean Davis said the qualification will be an added bonus to CV of the successful students.

He said: “Susanne and her fellow classmates are in their first year at the College’s Sports Development and Fitness programme. This IFA award is just one of a number of supplementary sports-related qualifications they will have the chance to complete over the next two years. Hopefully, it will help them to be better players on the pitch, while supporting their clubs with coaching duties too.”

Susanne McLaughlin was one of only three young women who obtained the IFA award. When she is finished studying at the NWRC, she is hoping to continue playing soccer but in a sunnier climate.

She said: “I definitely want to keep on playing soccer but I would also love to become involved in the coaching side of the game, possibly in Australia.”