Mortuary cuts would result in more hold-ups

Picture by william Cherry/ - Belfast.
Picture by william Cherry/ - Belfast.

Derry funeral directors have raised fears that opening hours at Altnagelvin hospital’s mortuary are to be cut, impacting on grieving families.

A reduction in the opening hours would result in unnecessary delays for the release of bodies to grieving families, one funeral director told the ‘Journal.

“We’re speculating that opening hours are to be cut which means delays in the release of remains, especially at weekends.

“Any such move would leave families sitting at home at a wake with no remains. To reduce the opening hours would cause unnecessary grief for families,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Western Trust said local funeral directors have been invited to a meeting at the hospital this afternoon. The spokesperson added: “The Trust is currently undertaking a consultation process on extended working hours in the mortuary. The Trust can confirm that as part of this consultative process a meeting is taking place with local funeral directors to take on board their views. No decisions have been taken at this early stage.”