No disabled toilets at dole - man told

The Social Security Agency have apologised to a disabled man as they did not have adequate toilet facilities for him

John Joseph McGeady complained after an employee at Crown Buildings, Asylum Road told him there was no provision for disabled people to use the bathroom in the Government building. Mr. McGeady who has a colostomy bag fitted was attending an Income Support meeting on Monday during which he asked to use to the disabled toilet.

Mr. McGeady said: “It was then when I was asked, I feel indignantly, ‘What do you need a disabled toilet for?’

“I found my medical card and after presenting it to the interviewer, he informed me there was no disabled toilet on the premises.

“I was then escorted to the toilets by two security guards.

“When I got to the public toilets at the back of the building I was disgusted. I had to wait until one of the security guards went and got a key as the toilet was locked.

“I am at a high risk of infections and you couldn’t change anything in that place it was so unhygenic. In fact there wasn’t even a disposal facility so I had to take the bag with me.

“The whole incident was horrible, what happens when someone in a wheelchair needs the facilities?

“The question is how does a government building not meet the required legislation for disabled access and provision?”

A Social Security Agency spokesperson said: “The Social Security Agency apologises for any inconvenience caused to Mr McGeady during his recent visit to the Foyle office.

“The Social Security Agency aims to provide a high quality service to all its customers.

“A manager from Foyle Jobs and Benefits office will contact Mr McGeady to discuss the matter.”