No stopping Mabel (65) in her keep fit quest

65 yr old Mabel Watson. (0305JB43)
65 yr old Mabel Watson. (0305JB43)

Pensioner Mabel Watson is determined not to let anything stop her from living life to the full.

The 65 year old Waterside woman, who already has had one knee replacement and is awaiting surgery on her other - and who battles with osteo arthritis, is the oldest participant in the OLT’s Biggest Loser programme in Creggan.

The programme - based on the popular TV series - is helping 150 local men and women lose weight, get fit and transform their nutrition over the course of ten weeks.

As a proud member of the “Rossmore Rollies” in the Black Team - Mabel has taken on every challenge thrown at her by the trainers at the Old Library Trust with gusto and has lost an impressive 7lbs in her first two weeks on the programme.

“I’m really enjoying it,” she said. “It’s a great way to get out and meet people - the social aspect is brilliant.

“Sure we are all in the same boat aren’t we? And we just encourage each other along - the banter is great.”

The sprightly granny signed up for Biggest Loser along with her daughter Karen who also wanted to shift some weight. “You know what mothers and daughters are like,” she laughed. “We’re very competitive. So we gee each other on. We’re determined to do better than each other.”

Despite her health issues Mabel has attended every session so far in the programme, which will run for a total of ten weeks. This has included outdoor mix it up, indoor circuits, pool sessions and even the dreaded spinning classes!

“The trainers have been brilliant. They scale everything down for me. I don’t want them to make it easy - they still make me work - but they help me push things at my own pace.

“I might not do it as fast as some of the others, but I do it!”

As well as being a great social outlet for Mabel, and something she can do along with her daughter, Mabel said she has already felt great benefits to her health.

“I can feel my shape coming in,” she said. “I feel in control of my body and I feel as if I’m toning up.”

She is also delighted to see her daughter growing in confidence.

“I would recommend anyone give it a go - it’s hard work but great fun.”