Pink Ladies and Panthers back call to ‘care for the carers’

Michelle McLaren, centre, with Clare Cregan. (0612MM15)
Michelle McLaren, centre, with Clare Cregan. (0612MM15)

Derry cancer support groups, the Pink Ladies and Pink Panthers, are encouraging local people to acknowledge the good work carried out by carers.

The groups are supporting the Macmillan Cancer Care initiative ‘Care for the Carers’ by asking local people to do something to say thank you to carers next Thursday at noon - on the 12th day of the 12th month.

Michelle McLaren from the Pink Ladies said carers perform an invaluable service for many people and that their efforts often go unrecognised.

“We wanted to do something locally to show the many carers out there that they are appreciated,” she said. “It does not have to be a huge gesture; all we are asking people to do is send a carer a message, give them a hug, make them a cup of tea, whatever you want, just to say thank you for the amazing work they do every day.

“If you have a carer or know someone who cares for others we are asking that at noon on Thursday you do something nice, however small, to show them you care,” she explained.

Local woman Clare Cregan said she “could not function” without the support of her carer, her husband. “Many people, myself included, simply could not do without their carers. Every day carers go above and beyond to help people. Many carers out there are caring for family members and at times, they can be overlooked so we wanted to just stop and say thank you in a simple but important way,” she said.

Mickey McCusker, who cares for his wife, said carers often put their own lives on hold to look after others. “There are many carers out there who devote their lives selflessly to care for others and it’s a nice idea to say thank you,” he said.