Pseudomonas on babies’ skin in Altnagelvin

Altnagelvin Hospital’s neonatal unit has two babies who have the Pseudomonas bug on their skin, it’s been revealed.

According to health chiefs, the skin germ is not affecting the health of the babies and both are being closely monitored.

Medical experts say it is possible to carry the bacteria on the skin and not become infected.

A spokesperson for the Western Health Trust told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “The Western Trust has no babies with the Pseudomonas infection in either of its neonatal units. As a precuationary measure, all babies are being screened on an ongoing basis.”

The Trust also confirmed that, early last month, there was a cluster of three babies with the infection at the Altnagelvin neonatal unit.

“Action was taken immediately to commence appropriate treatment when a baby presented with symptoms,” said a spokesperson.

“All the necessary infection prevention and control measures were immediately put in place to identify and eradicate the bacteria that caused the infection.

“Regrettably one baby died.

“Respecting confidentiality the Trust cannot comment further on individual patient information, treatment and care.”

The Trust also stressed that the strains of Pseudomonas infection at Altnagelvin and the Royal Jubilee Maternity in Belfast were different and there was no evidence to link the current outbreak at the Jubilee with the incident at Altnagelvin in December.