SDLP: Durkan alarmed at impact decision to cancel non-emergency operations

Brian Lawless/PA Wire
Brian Lawless/PA Wire

SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan has expressed his concern for patients in the north west who are awaiting surgery with the announcement that all five NI Health Trusts have halted non-emergency medical procedures.

Mr Durkan said: “I am horrified to learn that hospitals across the north will not be conducting surgery unless it is in an emergency due to budgetary pressures.

“These pressures again are a direct result from a bad budget and bad budget management. Many of those awaiting surgery are in great pain and many of them have already been subjected to long waiting lists.

“I am calling on the Health Minister to step in immediately to rectify the situation. The health service must be prioritised and all those awaiting surgery should be considered part of that priority.”