Slievemore Nursing Unit to close

Slievemore Nursing Unit
Slievemore Nursing Unit
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After months of controversy, it’s now been confirmed that the Western Trust owned Slievemore Nursing Unit will close its doors on Monday. Three residents had remained in the facility and have now been transferred to another care unit.

A Trust spokesperson said: “At the request of the relatives, the Trust agreed that the unit would remain open until January. The remaining patients will now be transferred to another care facility in the city that is fully equipped to meet their care needs. Slievemore Nursing Unit staff will also transfer with their patients and provide enhanced assistance during this transition period. Whilst Individual care pathways have been agreed between the Trust and the relatives of our patients at Slievemore.”

The spokesperson added: “In light of Slievemore closing, additional financial and staffing resources have been redistributed to the Waterside Hospital and within the community. This will ensure that we continue to provide a high standard of care within these two areas.”