‘The miracle boy’ who suffered a heart attack and survived

Sean Deighan
Sean Deighan

Meet Sean Deighan - the miracle boy who is defying the odds with his astonishing fight for life.

The happy-go-lucky, fun six-year-old suffered a heart attack last Thursday at his dad’s home in Feeny.

Mum, Orlagh, who lives between Foreglen and Claudy, has stayed by her little boy’s hospital bedside in Belfast since.

The days are a blur, and Orlagh says the extent of what happened still hasn’t sunk in for her or Sean’s dad, Darragh.

They, along with Darragh’s partner, frantically performed CPR on Sean for roughly 25 minutes.

Orlagh, who has been trained in CPR with her job at North West Recruitment in Ballykelly, never thought she would have to use that training to save her son’s life.

Sean was anointed and given the last rites, and the family believe his heart stopped several times at home and on the way to Altnagelvin.

“Sean shouldn’t be here today, but he is. He’s our wee miracle,” says Orlagh.

Sean has a long road ahead of him and the family are taking things slowly, literally minute by minute. There are a series of tests to be completed and surgery may also be ahead of Sean.

They have no idea what the future holds but, in the midst of the worry and angst, there are glimpses of Sean’s remarkable will to get better and moments to make his loved ones smile. On Wednesday, he was briefly able to hold a fork and feed himself, not for long, but he was able to do it.

Orlagh hopes by speaking about what happened to Sean will encourage others to learn the life saving skill of CPR, something she believes all parents should be trained to do.

“I never expected a healthy wain to drop dead with a heart attack,” says Orlagh, “but I prayed to God to give me my wain back and he did. Sean’s still here, after everything he has been through.”

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