Trust in drinking at home warning

The Western Trust has issued a health warning on the danger of binge drinking at home.

The warning is part of the ‘Reduce and Enjoy’ awareness campaign to coincide with Alcohol Awareness Week (November 18-22).

Peter McLaughlin, Western Trust Community Support Worker, Health Improvement Office said: “It is difficult for people to measure how much alcohol they consume at home as in general home measures are much more generous than that sold in licensed premises. The result is that people drinking at home could be drinking above the daily and weekly recommended limits resulting in damage to their bodies.”

The campaign resources give a clear and simple message outlining the weekly recommended safe limits and how many units are contained within several alcoholic drinks.

Mr McLaughlin added: “It also seeks to highlight the Hidden Harm experienced by children in homes where alcohol is a regular feature and also the unintentional drink driving that occurs for many people the next day following drinking at home.”

The Trust is running the campaign in partnership with Foyle, Omagh and Fermanagh Drug and Alcohol Forums. On behalf of Foyle Drugs and Alcohol Forum, John Mahon, Western Trust Community Support Worker said: “Even a slight reduction in consumption can have huge health and financial benefits for those on a night out. It can also make the difference of having a night to remember or one you can’t remember or a night you just want to forget.” Any organisation can support the campaign by contacting 028 71865236 or 028) 82835204.