UTV's Ken Reid reveals he's battling leukaemia

Ken Reid
Ken Reid

Broadcast political editor Ken Reid has revealed he is battling cancer.

A post on his Facebook page - published late last night - said: "Some of you have noticed my absence from the box.

"There is a reason.

"Some weeks ago, by accident, it was discovered I had a form of leukaemia. It was, of course, a shock.

"A period in hospital followed."

Ken added that his ilnless is "treatable" and he is now "undergoing tests to see the best way forward".

"The point of this post is to thank my family and friends for their support. Each and everyone of you has been magnificent and a source of great encouragement. Thank you.

"Some tough times ahead but as Van Morrison would say It's Too Late To Stop Now."

His Facebook post has so far received 473 comments and wishes of good health.

Politicians and fellow broadcasters are among those to have wished the veteran broadcaster well.