‘We don’t want to go’- residents

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This week has left the residents of William Street Residential Home feeling “very insecure and very unsettled”.

Mary Coyle, 84, says her fellow residents and staff at the home have become like family to her and she doesn’t know what she would do without them should the home close,

She, along with the other residents of the home, were called to a meeting with the Trust on Wednesday evening.

Although they had heard on the news before and from staff about what the meeting would involve, they were still shocked. And despite reassurances from the Trust that there are no guarantees the home would close, they remain deeply worried about their future.

“I don’t have family close by,” she said, “I’m from Donegal and my family are there. The people here are my family and this is very unsettling. It’s really very distressing worrying about the future now.”

Betty Sweeney first came to William Street along with her husband John, who passed away three years ago. The home holds a lot of happy memories for Betty and she never imagined she would have to move on.

“I feel very settled here.

“This is my home - and I love my own space in my room. I even have my own chest of drawers from home there. There is nothing wrong with the facilities we have and you couldn’t beat the care we have received. It is second to none.

“We are all worried about the staff too - they have been great to us.”

Elizabeth Shannon (88) has been resident at William Street for four and a half years. “I have never had any complaints about the home. I don’t understand how they they it doesn’t meet their standards.

“Our rooms are lovely. The beds are comfortable. We can have a shower whenever we want and there are adequate toilets.

“The bottom line in all this is that I don’t want to leave and I’m asking people to do whatever they can to try and keep us in our home.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go.”