WHSCT add their voice in support of detox services

The Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) have added their support for the placement of a detox unit within the western region.

The WHSCT revealed they had made a submission to the Health and Social Care Trust’s consultation on the Inpatient Based Addiction Treatment Services for Northern Ireland. In a statement to the Journal, the Director of Adult Mental and Disability Services for WHSCT, Trevor Millar said: “The Trust’s response to this consultation document was to support the development of a detox unit for specalist addiction service in the west.

“The development of a Specialist Addiction Detox Unit will require additional funding and training for staff.”

Mr Millar added the WHSCT, however, would make no further comment on the issue until a decision is reached and they have examined that decision in full.

The news comes in the wake of a public meeting, attended by upwards of 200 people, held in the City Hotel on Wednesday night.

The meeting pulled together representatives from different organisations dealing with addiction issues across Derry under the banner ‘Mothers Support Detox Unit for the North West’, who are seeking to form an inclusive lobby group to get the services in place.

SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey. who made a submission to the consultation paper, welcomed the WHSCT decision to seek the provision of detox services.

He told the Journal: “I welcome the position of the WHSCT in making it clear in the consultation they will bid to provide Tier 4 services.

“The Trust does not make the decision of where such services would be sited, but I will be making contact with the Local Commissioning Group to ensure they are aware of my firm view this should be located in our city.

“We have the skills and I think there is a very clear need for them.

“In my submission on behalf of the party to the consultation, I made it very clear that Derry and the wider North West need a detoxification facility as part of a holistic service that could take in community based services and our new Grangewood facility in Gransha.

“Removing the service at Omagh and expecting people from the city to travel to Hollywood Hospital in Antrim for specialist treatment is simply unacceptable and is unpalatable to my constituents,” said the MLA.