Wounded kennelmate of killed puppy reunited with owner

Cooper, the rare miniature husky that was killed during the incident.
Cooper, the rare miniature husky that was killed during the incident.

A Siberian husky which was injured as it tried to stop its kennel mate being killed has been reunited with its owner after receiving treated at a local vets.

The lady owner of the two dogs was this week said to be still badly shaken up by the horrific attack which left one of her dogs dead and the other wounded.

She is now planning to get her other dog, 10-month-old pup Cooper, cremated once its remains are returned to her.

The Journal reported last weekend about how a heartless gang snapped the rare miniature ginger, blue-eyed husky’s neck after entering the back garden of its owner’s Grafton Street home at around lunch-time last Friday.

Police later collected both dogs, and an examination was due to be carried out on Cooper before she was to be returned to her owner.

The police who attended the scene after the alert was raised also took the other husky, Jasper, to a local vets where she was treated for her injuries.

Jasper was left in a distressed state after witnessing Cooper’s killing, and was injured as she tried to come to the other dog’s aid.

The shocking episode was witnessed by the dog owner’s horrified sister through the window of the house.

It is thought that the three-man gang involved in the episode made off after realising there was someone inside the house.

It had been hoped that a backpack abandoned at the scene would help identify the men, who were in their early 20s and wearing tracksuits, but this turned out to be empty.

The woman’s friend Paul Gillespie, who breeds Siberian huskies and who gave Cooper to her, said the owner and her sister had been left totally traumatised.

He said that the killing had sparked a massive outpouring of sympathy for the dogs’ owner, and anger directed at the culprits.

“It is shocking what happened,” he said. “To kill a wee pup like that you have to be sick in the head.”

He said that Jasper has not been the same since being reunited with her owner yesterday, and has been off her food.

It remains unclear whether the three-man gang were trying to steal the full-bred dogs or trying to break into the woman’s house.

Mr Gillespie however said that more generally he was aware of episodes, particularly regarding the popular Siberian husky breed, where gangs were putting markers on fences of yards containing dogs and then later coming back to steal the pets which they then sold on for hundreds of pounds.

One of the three me is believed to have had orange marks on his trainers,

Police have issued an appeal for information about the incident or anyone who has information about those responsible to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.