Help wanted to find lost bag

Heidi pictured on her First Communion day.
Heidi pictured on her First Communion day.

The mother of a heartbroken eight year old has appealed for the help of Derry Journal readers in finding her daughter’s First Communion bag - which she believes was lost in a taxi on Saturday evening.

Heidi Woods had just made her First Communion at the Long Tower and was heading out for dinner to the City Hotel with her family when she lost the bag - which contained not only a considerable amount of money but also a personalised set of Rosary Beads and a butterfly necklace.

Her mother Emma said her daughter became inconsolable when she realised at the hotel that she didn’t have the bag with her.

“I had told Heidi not to take the bag and money with her, so I wasn’t really looking out for it when we got out of the taxi,

“The next thing we knew, Heidi had become upset and said she had left the bag behind.”

The family phone the Taxi firm who said nothing had been handed into their office.

“We don’t know who the next fare was, or what might have happened to it but Heidi cried herself to sleep on Saturday night.”

Emma said the bag was covered with chiffon and rosebuds, and had a pearl handle. The family got the taxi at approximately 5.45pm.

“It would be lovely to be able to get the bag back to her - even the just the bag and her beads which had been made just for her and had her name on them.”

If you can help reunite Heidi with her bag please contact the Journal on 71272256.