Here’s how much it costs to live in Derry

It costs more to rent in Belfast than Derry.
It costs more to rent in Belfast than Derry.

A new online tool has revealed how much money per hour someone needs to earn to afford a comfortable lifestyle in Derry.

An individual living in Derry would have to earn an hourly salary of £9.22 per hour to rent property in Derry.

The hourly salary needed to rent property in one part of Belfast is almost double that of Derry - £16.29 per hour for anyone with a BT4 postcode.

Predictably, London is the most expensive city at £54.54 per hour; Oxford is second most expensive - £36.83 and Bath is third - £28.30.

All of the information is based on someone working 37.5 hours per week.

The interactive tool was created by and analysed data from all 2,650 postcodes throughout the UK.

Spokesperson for, Kirsty O’Sullivan, said: “The most expensive postcodes and cities make for eye-watering reading, but there are still plenty of affordable gems out there for renters. They just might have to look outside of London for them.”

The interactive tool can be found here -