Hero stabbed nine times in the face

The local man suffered horrific facial injuries.
The local man suffered horrific facial injuries.

This is the brave Derry man who suffered horrific injuries after saving a English woman from an attacker on the streets of Aldershot.

Ricki Grieve from just outside Claudy received 30 stitches to his face following the violent attack which happened in England on July 31st.

The 19 year-old has now returned home and is recovering from his injuries.

The teenager was stabbed nine times in the face, including six slashes to the cheek with a broken glass after he came to the defence of a young woman who was attacked while they were walking home.

One of the slashes to his face was extremely deep.

The woman he was with was unharmed in the incident.

“The guy just came out of nowhere with a glass,” said Ricki. “He rushed at her with a glass so I tackled him and ended up getting attacked.

“If I hadn’t done something I could have watched someone die in front of me.

“I didn’t really think about what I was doing, the adrenalin just kicked in.”

In Aldershot, Ricki has been hailed a hero for this actions.