Heroes came to tourists’ rescue on Buncrana Rd

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Three Canadian tourists wish to thank two Derry men who came to their rescue when they were trapped by floods on the Buncrana Road last Tuesday evening.

Darlene Facchin(68), her husband Sil (67) and their friend Diane Morrison(65), from Vancouver, became trapped when the engine of their car died, having been swamped by a wave of water a passing vehicle.

“There were suddenly a dozen stranded vehicles in the small lake that was forming, and an equal number of young men rushing out of the town houses, wading up to their waist deep in the water, and pushing stranded vehicles to higher ground,” said Darlene.

“When we were on higher ground, the same men and their families offered us tea, the use of their phones, opportunities to charge our phones, a warm spot on their couches, and lifts to our B&B by routes through higher ground that only a local would know.

“Every one of these thoughtful and generous people were reticent to receive our thanks for what they considered common decency.

“We are profoundly grateful and would like many others to know the true character of people from Derry.

“We would love to be able to thank these young men individually - one was only a boy really - for their help.”

If you recognise either of the youths in the photograph above, please get in touch with editorial@derryjournal.com (tel. 028 71 272200), so that we can put Darlene and her family in touch to thank them personally.