Hickey first nationalist mayor of Causeway Council

SDLP councillor Maura Hickey is tonight expected to be nominated as the new Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council at the Council AGM.

Monday, 6th June 2016, 6:04 pm
Updated Monday, 6th June 2016, 8:12 pm
SDLP Colr. Maura Hickey

Ms Hickey’s appointment as First Citizen of the Borough, which includes Limavady, means she is the first nationalist mayor of the council.

Councillor Hickey said she hopes she “can act as an instrument of healing and reconciliation between communities in the area”.

“I want to sincerely thank my party for nominating me as the first Nationalist Mayor of Causeway, Coast and Glens Council,” said Colr. Hickey in a statement.

“Their faith has been immensely humbling and I hope to repay it in the year ahead by representing the people of our communities, in all their diversity, as we seek to build reconciliation and prosperity for everyone.

“This council has carried out some extraordinary work, supporting local people, over the last number of years. Sadly, much of that has been overshadowed by political disputes.

“It is my aspiration that we can promote all that is good about the work that we do and all that is good about our exceptional communities, rather than dwell on our minor differences.

“There’s a critical need to generate prosperity in this area. I intend to work hard to promote our indigenous businesses and enhance our global tourism product. Our council has a significant job of work to do, I hope we can work together in the common interest of all those we represent. There’s an abiding strength in unity, we should embrace that.”