High speed fibre broadband for Clonmany, Greencastle, Muff and Quigley’s Point

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The announcement that four areas in Inishowen are set to benefit from high speed fibre broadband has been welcomed but calls have been made for investment in the areas of the peninsula still waiting.

‘Eir’ yesterday announced that 2, 170 customers in Clonmany, Greencastle, Muff and Quigley’s Point will receive broadband in the next 12 months that will offer speeds of up to 1,000 Mb/s.

The programme focuses on rural Ireland and will be rolled out in 23 rural locations across Donegal and 200 nationwide.Preparation work is already underway in some areas.

Commenting on the announcement, Fianna Fail Deputy Charlie McConalogue - who told the ‘Journal’ that inadequate broadband was a ‘big issue’ on doorsteps during the election campaign - said that the news was “very welcome” for the areas being invested in.

He added, however, that many more areas in Inishowen and Donegal have been waiting “far too long” on proper broadband.

He said there are 52 per cent of premises in Donegal where broadband providers are not going to provide broadband and private operators are on co-investment from the Broadband Scheme.

Deputy McConalogue said people in Inishowen and Donegal who do not have adequate broadband have been waiting “far too long” for investment to be made.

He added this must be made a “complete priority” by the next Government and was something he will be “pursuing.”

He commented that while he welcomes Eir’s announcement, there are many more individuals and businesses in Inishowen and Donegal waiting on proper investment in broadband.

He said: “There is no broadband outside the main towns and villages. It’s completely inadequate.”

The Inishowen list announced yesterday are: Clonmany (840); Greencastle (450); Muff (360) and Quighley’s Point (520).