Highest gust at Malin Head

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Malin Head weather station recorded the highest gust of wind in 2019 on March 12, at 70 knots (129 km/h), new data from Met Eireann has confirmed.

The Irish National Meteorological Service published its annual report for 2019 this week, which stated the country had above average rainfall and temperatures slightly above average last year,

Rainfall and temperature was also above average at most stations, with sunshine ‘variable’, but it was sunniest in the South East. Malin Head did not record any exceptional highs or lows above any other station, apart from the wind statistic during Storm Gareth in March.

Data on the Malin Head station alone reports that August saw the most amount of rain, with 162.9mm, followed by March with 138.8. March also had the highest maximum daily rainfall at 31.1 mm. April had the least amount of rain, with 49.9mm.

The highest maximum temperature occurred in July, at 25.7C, followed by June at 21.8. April at 21.4 and August at 20.5. The coldest minimum temperature was in January at -1.8C, followed by November at 0.3 and last month, December at 0.5C.

A wind gust in January at 66 knots followed just behind the highest gust in March, and Malin Head recorded the highest total amount of sun in May,at 184.1 hours, followed by June at 165.5 and August at 145.9 hours.

Unsurprisingly, January had the least amount of sun, with just 27.9 hours, followed by November at 31.4 hours and December which has somewhat more at 46 hours.

The maximum daily sun hours was in May with 14.4 hours. Meanwhile, Met Eireann predicts ‘wet and windy’ weather for Saturday, with strong to gusty winds. Sunday will be drier and brighter and temperatures will also be cooler.