Holding the Bredagh in Trust for the next generations

To hold something in trust, to be entrusted with the care of something or someone, to be deemed trustworthy for a task or position, is a privilege and a responsibility indeed. This is the issue being explored in an initiative by Celebrate Water and Moville Tidy Towns in relation to the Bredagh River.

Having worked on and around the Bredagh and its ecosystem for the last year, with the focus on biodiversity and connections between the river and the community, the two groups are inviting the local community to explore the possibility of setting up a Bredagh River Trust.

Speaking this week Rose Kelly from Celebrate Water said, “Through our work on and around the Bredagh and the Foyle, it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a need to work more closely with and for our beautiful natural environment, for its protection, restoration and conservation. This is a need not just for the environment but for all of us who are so inextricably linked to, rooted in, and dependent upon the natural world. We are blessed in these parts to have a community already so caring of the environment and active in so many diverse ways on its behalf. In Celebrate Water we are always looking for creative ways, new and old, in which to work. The idea of setting up a trust for the care of the Bredagh River is one of those creative possibilities we want to look at with others in our community.”

In order to bring their idea to the wider community for discussion, Celebrate Water and Moville Tidy Towns are co-hosting a meeting next Tuesday 8th April between 7pm and 9pm in the Moville Celtic Clubhouse.

Local man Larry Coyle from Celebrate Water added, “A bus load of us visited with the Ballinderry Rivers Trust last summer and we were extremely impressed by the work being carried out by the Trust on behalf of the Ballinderry River and catchment. We were inspired to think about a similar initiative here for our own river and catchment. We were also encouraged enough by feedback from the Ballinderry crew on the work we were already doing to believe that setting up a trust was not beyond our capabilities as a community if we wanted to put our energy into it.’

Fellow Celebrate Water member, Mark Daly continued,‘We are very excited about the meeting on the 8th April and delighted that Mark Horton from the Ballinderry Rivers Trust will be with us to tell their story and to provide advice and support. We would love as many people as possible to come along”