Holidaymakers stranded at City of Derry airport

City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038
City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038

Passengers returning to the City of Derry airport from Alicante this morning are being forced to await the arrival of passport control from Belfast before they can leave, the Journal has heard.

A caller to the Journal this morning said initially passengers were told they faced a 90 minute wait on the aircraft before disembarking to facilitate the arrival of staff from Belfast.

It is now believed the passengers have been allowed off the aircraft but not through the airport.

The flight landed on time at 9.30am.

Derry City Council have said the issue regarding passport control falls outside of their remit and with the UK Border Force.

A spokesperson added that City of Derry Airport staff have done all within their power to accommodate passengers needs while they are waiting.