‘Holidays from Hell’ increase

A Derry charity which supports victims of domestic violence says it’s recorded a “frightening” rise in the number of women who have experienced “horrific” violent assaults while on holiday.

Marie Brown, director with the group, says it’s regularly contacted by women who’ve been through “holidays from hell” with an abusive partner.

She said’: “Women have been locked in apartments for days on end, left without money or phones and suffered vicious assaults. If they are in a country where English is not the first language, they will be even more isolated and less able to try to get help.”

Marie Brown says that, sadly, for women in abusive relationships, a holiday does not mean a break from controlling behaviour. Indeed, for some women, she says, it can actually result in a “terrifying” escalation of violence.

Ms. Brown urged women living with domestic abuse to prioritise their safety: “You could find yourself many miles from home, isolated from family, friends, with no access to local domestic violence support services,” she warned.

Foyle Women’s Aid can be contacted on Tel: (028) 71 416800.