Holy Family PS is Dyslexia Friendly

Jacqueline Mc Carron, Martin Murray, Delma Boggs (SENCO) and Claire Doherty from Holy Family PS.
Jacqueline Mc Carron, Martin Murray, Delma Boggs (SENCO) and Claire Doherty from Holy Family PS.

The staff at Holy Family Primary and Nursery School in Derry continue to be at the forefront of providing appropriate provision for pupils with dyslexia after being awarded the highly prestigious BDA Dyslexic Friendly School status for the second occasion.

The award recognises the school’s success in developing and implementing effective strategies to meet the needs of pupils with dyslexia across the curriculum.

The Derry school prides itself on pioneering highly effective teaching and learning approaches for all pupils. This particularly applies in terms of pupils with specific learning conditions.

Principal Garry Matthewson said: “The success of the school in securing this prestigious award is due in no small measure to the high levels of competence among the teaching and non- teaching staff. This is what ensures the high quality learning experiences of all pupils generally and those pupils with dyslexia particularly.

He went on: “We are delighted to be awarded the BDA Dyslexic Friendly School Award for the second occasion.

“It recognises our positive approach to catering for all pupils consistently and effectively.

“We believe that all pupils can succeed in every aspect of learning if the provision is appropriately differentiated and the strategies used meet the learning styles of our pupils.

“The attainment of this award reassures us that we have got both our culture and approaches correct for our pupils.

“Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge the excellent work undertaken by our highly-experienced, SEN co-ordinator Delma Boggs and the staff in securing this prestigious award.”

Delma, who was the driving force in ensuring that the school was prepared for the BDA Dyslexic Friendly School assessment, added: “I am delighted at the attainment of this award for the second time.

“It shows genuine recognition for the excellent SEN work that is taking place at Holy Family on a daily basis.

“Applying for the award really brought into sharp focus the detailed and pervasive work that we are doing each and every day to ensure that our dyslexic pupils make appropriate progress in their learning across the curriculum.

“The attainment of this award was a huge team effort and all the children and staff deserve credit for this achievement.

“As a self – evaluating school, we are now determined to push on from this high standard to ensure that our pupils receive even higher levels of provision in the years to come,” Mr Matthewson said.

Further details about this highly challenging award system are available from the British Dyslexia Association website, www.bdadyslexia.org.uk