Holy moley, look what’s on sale in B&Q

Mole repellent on sale in B&Q in Derry.
Mole repellent on sale in B&Q in Derry.

Mole repellent is on sale in B&Q in Derry despite the fact they don’t exist in Ireland.

Moles exist in England, Wales and Scotland but not Ireland.

The item was spotted on sale in the Buncrana Road store at the beginning of the week.

A member of the public, who asked not to be named, brought the incident to the attention of the Derry Journal.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It’s as much to use to people in Derry as an ashtray is on a motorbike.

“Any gardener worth his salt will know that moles do not exist in Ireland and if they think they do then all their dogs are clearly not barking.

“I think I remember this happening a while ago but clearly they [B&Q] haven’t learnt their lesson,” he said.

The process of glaciation is responsible for the many species of animal and plant that currently exist in Ireland.

During the last ice age, most parts of Ireland were covered, as was Britain, and as the ice retreated animals from the south moved northwards.

They moved through continental Europe. They got into Britain, but they didn’t get into Ireland because the sea level rose too quickly.

As a result, Ireland was left without moles, whereas moles managed to get into Britain.

There were quite a number of mammals which did not exist in Ireland.

For example, there is only one species of field mouse here - which was probably brought in with early man.

There are stoats in Ireland, but there are no weasels.

Ireland is without the common shrew, but it has the pygmy shrew.

Ireland has about half the number of bat species compared to Britain and the rest of Europe.

A spokesperson for B&Q said they would be removing the mole repellent as a result of the Derry Journal bringing the issue to their attention.

“Whilst County Derry has the Sperrin mountains, we are aware it does not have mole hills!

“In view of this we are removing mole repellent from sale at our Derry store,” the spokesperson said.