Home Security in Fahan

The Annual General Meeting of Fahan Community Council(FCC) will be addressed by Garda Sergeant Paul Wallace on the topic of Home and Personal Security.

Everyone is invited to attend the talk which starts at 8.30 pm sharp on Tuesday, February 26 in the Fowler Hall in Tooban.

The existing members of Fahan Community Council are appealing for members of the community to step forward and take up roles on the committee which has been going now for more than a decade.

Projects the committee oversee include maintaining the grass verges and keeping the area tidy, keeping the grass down in the old graveyard, lobbying for traffic calming measures through the village, erecting a community Christmas tree and of course organising the popular annual Fun Day in the grounds of the Red Door as well as the heritage walks.

Chairman Colm Toland paid tribute to the great work done through FCC and throughout the area by the late Peter Gurrie, who will be sadly missed.

“We are hoping that new, younger members will step forward now and continue the work we have done into the future. The systems are already in place for the grass maintenance so its not as if committee members have to get out and do it themselves.

“It does make a difference and you never know when something will happen which needs to draw the local community together to make decisions which can affect their future and that of their children.

“I would appeal to as many people as possible to come forward on Tuesday night and be prepared to take on the job. It only entails about eight meetings a year altogether,” Colm said.