Homeowners urged to ‘be on their guard’

Homeowners have been urged to be on thir guard during the festive season.
Homeowners have been urged to be on thir guard during the festive season.

Homeowners have been urged to remain on their guard in the run-up to the Christmas period in relation to burglaries and thefts.

The recently published Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures for the third quarter of 2015 show there were 333 burglaries recorded in the Donegal Garda Division in a 12 month period, which was a decrease of 73 in the previous 12 months. 86 of these were recorded in the third quarter of the year. 249 thefts were also recorded in that quarter.

Despite the decrease in burglaries, homeowners have been urged to remain vigilant and secure cars and property in the run-up to Christmas - which is peak season for opportunistic burglars and thieves.

PhoneWatch recently launched a joint initiative with the Irish Crimestoppers Trust aimed at combatting burglaries nationwide. Speaking about the initiative, their managing director Eoin Dunne said: “While crime prevention initiatives are working, we are still, reminding all householders not to let their guard down, become complacent or fall into a false sense of security.”

Other crimes recorded in the new figures for the Donegal Garda Division in the third quarter included: 23 sexual offences; 218 in the attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harrassments and related offences category; 84 drink driving offences; 1 endangerment for potential for serious harm/death; 4 abandoning a child, child neglect or cruelty; 1 kidnapping and related offence; 1 human trafficking offence; 3 robbery, extortion and hijacking offence; 1 robbery of an establishment or instituion, 2 robberies from the person; 47 controlled drug offences; 13 incidents of arson; 168 criminal damage; 3 litter offences and 305 public order.