‘Honour 1916 heroes in Derry’ - IRSP

Patrick Pearse - 1916 Easter Rising leader.
Patrick Pearse - 1916 Easter Rising leader.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has called for the heroes of 1916 Rising to be formally remembered in Derry.

IRSP spokesperson Danny Morrison today suggested for the establishment of a broad committee to look at formally honouring the fallen heroes of the Easter Rising locally.

Speaking after the party met to discuss the issue Mr Morrison said:

“As we quickly approach the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin we feel there is a need for a permanent monument or something similar in Derry to acknowledge and remember all those who went out in 1916 in order to establish an independent and free Ireland.

“We are putting this suggestion out there and in the coming weeks we will be approaching other groups and individuals in order to see what is possible.

“Whilst the aims of those who took up arms in 1916 have yet to be fully realised, the spirit of what they sought remains and it is with this in mind that we want to see something to remember their sacrifice and political ideals erected in Derry city.”

Mr Morrison said that when the national heroes went out to confront the British “they did so as different groupings but united, and it with this spirit that we want to see a broader grouping coming together in Derry in order to mark the 100th anniversary next year.”

Concluding Mr Morrison said: “If anyone or group out there wants to help us to organise such a venture, then I can be contacted at Connolly House, Chamberlain Street, Derry on 028 71265145.”