Housing Executive continue to reject Hassan claims

Sinn Fein Colr. Tony Hassan.
Sinn Fein Colr. Tony Hassan.

A war of words between the Housing Executive and local Sinn Fein Councillor, Tony Hassan, has resulted in the housing organisation rejecting accusations made by Colr. Hassan for a second time.

Recently, The Derry Journal ran a story about how Colr. Hassan accused the Housing Executive of postponing a window replacement scheme in Carnhill so that a similar scheme could commence in Ballymena.

The Housing Executive reject Colr. Hassan’s claims but in reply to what they had to say Colr. Hassan stood by his initial claim and said local residents had suffered because the Housing Executive had “postponed” the scheme.

“A lot of people on the ground in Derry are not happy that this window replacement scheme was postponed.

“It took three years for the window replacement scheme to start in Carnhill but then all of a sudden the Housing Executive postponed the scheme so that a similar could be started and finished in Ballymena - it’s just not on.”

Colr. Hassan added: “I will be in contact with senior management of the Housing Executive to find out what is the reason for the delay and get a timescale as to when this much needed work is completed.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive continued to reject Colr. Hassan’s claims and confirmed that the Carnhill window replacement scheme will begin in March

“The Carnhill scheme has not been delayed to allow a Ballymena scheme to proceed.

“We can confirm that two properties in Carnhill were selected as ‘trial dwellings’ on January 27 and these were completed on January 28.

“Work did not take place on any other dwellings. The Carnhill window scheme will begin as scheduled in March,” the Housing Executive spokesperson said.