Huge cracks in Inishowen homes

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The Journal has learned High Court proceedings have been issued by a number of people in Inishowen after major cracks began appearing in their homes when blocks began to disintegrate. This newspaper has been told at least 12 cases are pending but that this might only represents ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

The situation has been described as ‘extremely serious’ in that it’s believed a number of houses will have to be demolished while others will not be able to be sold as the defects are of such magnitude as to render them unsellable..

Our source told us that a number of cases are already with the Buncrana firm of P.A. Dorrian, Solicitors, but when contacted yesterday senior partner, Paudge Dorrian, said he would not be commenting at this stage.

However, we have been led to believe the cases are well advanced.

Our source said: “Blocks in the houses are crumbling. When you touch them they, basically, turn to dust. Cracks are appearing all over the walls.

“Expert engineers were called in and the blocks were sent to England for testing. We have been led to believe that there is a fault in the blocks but so far no one has been able to tell us whether that is due to the sand or the gravel used.

“In the case I’m involved in the gable wall of the house will have to come down.”

Explaining that it was an ‘extremely worrying’ situation for those involved our source said High Court proceedings had been instigated against the contractor for alleged negligence and using defective materials.“We have had to inform our mortgage company about this as they have equity in this. We are also totally hamstrung - we cannot get out of the house even though we are very concerned about how safe it is. When you try to repair the cracksthat just makes it worse. It’s a nightmare.”

It is understood that while those currently affected are fighting their cases on an individual basis they could join together to mount a class action in the courts in the not too distant future.