Human rights group write to Secretary of State

A local human rights group has written to the Secretary of State Owen Paterson to express concern at the revocation of Marian Price’s licence earlier this week.

In the letter, the Pat Finucane Centre urged Mr Paterson to reverse the decision and “leave presumptions of guilty or innocence to the courts and the judiciary.”

They added: “At Derry Magistrates Court Judge Barney Mc Elholm ruled that Ms Price could benefit from bail under certain conditions.

“In doing so he clearly indicated that no presumption of her guilt should be presumed until the matter had proceeded to trial. However, the revocation of Ms. Price’s licence indicates a completely contrary presumption.

The fact that the views of the Court could be usurped in such an arbitrary manner is deeply disturbing.

It is a retrograde step and is reminiscent of the worst days of the conflict when the government showed scant regard for fundamental human rights standards.”