‘I am missing my lovely hometown Derry, tonight’

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The ‘Derry Journal’s’ social media coverage of this year’s Hallowe’en celebrations was watched all around the world.

Social media has allowed the ‘Journal,’ which was established in 1772, to communicate and engage with people from Derry who are living and working in virtually every Continent.

Ex-pats living as far away as Australia, Italy, New Zealand, U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan and Mexico watched Facebook Live streaming of the Hallowe’en Carnival Parade and the fireworks finale on your favourite paper’s Facebook page.

The live videos were watched thousands of times and reached a combined audience of more than 200,000 people.

Despite one or two technical glitches, the live videos were warmly received by readers all over the world and thousands more at home.

“Thank you Derry Journal - my son is sick and I couldn’t get up the town. We are watching the fireworks from Carnhill,” commented one local reader.

“Watching from Mexico - my hometown is the best place in the world for Hallowe’en,” said another.

One woman made a point of thanking the ‘Journal’ for giving her the chance to watch the celebrations from thousands of miles away.

“I am watching from South Korea.

“Thank you so much Derry Journal - I am missing my lovely hometown Derry, on the banks of the Foyle a lot tonight,” said the woman.