Councillor Rena Donaghey yesterday told the ‘Journal’ she doesn’t know how much people on Group Water Schemes in Inishowen will be charged by Irish Water, neither does the executive engineer in the Donegal Water Service nor do any of her colleagues.

Stating she was not ‘scaremongering’ she said it was fact that many people involved in the 800 group schemes in Donegal were ‘deeply concerned’ about what sort of charges they would be facing in October when those charges would be introduced.

Speaking after the meeting of Inishowen Electoral Area on Tuesday last the Fianna Fail councillor told the ‘Journal’ she had asked the Water and Environment senior executive engineer to explain to her ‘and to the people of Inishowen’ how much those who are getting their water through a Group Water Scheme are going to be paying out.

The Buncrana representative, who is the chairperson of the Group Water Monitoring Committee of Donegal for the last eight years, said it seemed whole issue is shrouded in mystery

Colr Donaghey went on: “The senior engineer explained that he did not know how Group Schemes are going to be charged, but accepted that charges will begin in October of this year.

“I suggested to him that surely Irish Water would have given this important issue the consideration that it deserves. I explained I had been approached by people wondering if a meter will be affixed at the start of the scheme and if trustees will be expected to collect the charges from each house.

“The engineer explained that this is the practice in some counties but he couldn’t say what will happen in Donegal. “

Colr Donaghey said at this stage both Colr Bernard Mc Guinness and Colr John Ryan ‘shouted across the room to me’ claiming that she was scare mongering.

An annoyed Cllr Donaghey said: “I certainly was not scaremongering. This question is very real.Irish Water should have answers before they took on this work. It is a bit rich to expect people to wait to be told in October.

She said she then asked the two councillors if they know the answers as their party is in power, ‘but they said they didn’t.’