‘I had a dream’ says Jimmy Carr

Local council election candidate talks to Derry Journal reporter, Andrew Quinn, on the phone from a polling centre in Carnhill.
Local council election candidate talks to Derry Journal reporter, Andrew Quinn, on the phone from a polling centre in Carnhill.
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A defiant Jimmy Carr claims to have “had a dream” he topped the poll in the Ballyarnett District Electoral Area.

Mr. Carr’s words came during an interview with The Derry Journal from a voting centre in Carnhill yesterday afternoon.

“I had a dream last night that I topped the poll,” he said.

“The only difference was that the counting centre was in the Guildhall - I was stood at the bottom of the stairs when they told me I had topped the poll and I was crying with joy,” he added.

Mr. Carr was initially set to canvass under the banner of the SDLP but the party took dramatic action when they withdrew support from him on Tuesday evening after claiming messages of a “questionable” nature linked to Mr. Carr had been discovered on a Derry City Council iPad.

Mr. Carr broke off several times during the interview to meet and greet voters

and he said the support he has received in recent days has

been unprecedented.

“When the allegations started to come out against me, I had 15 friends who are not politically minded turn up at my mum and dad’s house in the Bogside to say they wanted to help me.

“I’m standing outside this polling station at Greenhaw P.S. and I have a team of people down in Galliagh outside another. A lot of these people are friends and have never contested an election before but they know Jimmy Carr is a man of the people who will always work tirelessly for the people.

“My father owns an undertakers’ business and he has an office at the side of the house. I have another year at least to serve as a councillor and should I have to transform that office into a constituency office, I will.” he said.

Counting of votes will commence later today and when asked if he will attend the count in Templemore Sports Complex, Mr. Carr said he hadn’t made his mind up.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t go to the count centre. I still have a mandate until I am told different but the only thing keeping me from going is the fact I don’t like mingling with two faced people.”

Mr. Carr said he had “lost count” of the number of people wishing him well but said he could not predict how will perform when the counting of votes commences later today.

“Every person I have spoken to today [Friday] have had nothing but nice things to say to me.

“A lot of the people I have spoken to said they were lifelong SDLP voters but said they will never vote for them after how they have treated my family and I.”

Two weeks ago, Mr. Carr and his mother were both assaulted while canvassing in Carnhill. He said the last two weeks had taken their toll but said the support he received yesterday had made it all worth it.

“I have a lost about a stone in weight in the last few weeks. I went to put on my suit for polling day today but it was hanging off me.

“I don’t think I have slept in about a week and I haven’t eaten all day.

“I refute and deny all of the allegations against me and whilst the SDLP have performed a witch hunt here, the only people I am answerable to are the people of this city - they will be my judge.

“If voted back in I will get back to doing what I do best - representing the working class of this area and of our city,” he said.