‘I lost 100 pounds and feel great’

Jennifer Herron, on right who lost 100Llbs (7st 2lbs) pictured with Ann fox at the City Hotel Weightwatchers class. (1701SL13)
Jennifer Herron, on right who lost 100Llbs (7st 2lbs) pictured with Ann fox at the City Hotel Weightwatchers class. (1701SL13)
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Derry woman Jennifer Herron has hailed her 100lbs weightloss with Weightwatchers as “absolutely fantastic!”

The 47 year old mother of two joined the club 18 months ago for health reasons and to help in her battle to find clothes that fit!

“I was finding it difficult to get clothes,” she said.

“The only shop I was able to go to was Evans.

“Now my wardrobe has much more variety, I’m enjoying being able to shop at stores such as Bon Marche and Marks and Spencers.”

She admits that being on the diet isnt always as easy as it seems: “Whenever I have a bad day I manage to keep myself motivated by looking at the certificates that I have won and picking up a book or magazine to keep my mind busy.

“I also look at old photos of myself to remind myself how far that I’ve come.”

“It’s hardest most when I go home to Scotland and not being able to go out to eat with my friends and family.

“But it’s worth it when I see their reactions to me after not seeing them for a while.

“My children think the difference is amazing, I’m able to do much more now, I’m much more fitter and healthier, you can imagine what it’s like being over 7 stone lighter!

“Ideally I’d like to lose another stone or stone and a half and then I’d be happy.”

Jennifer emphasises that her weightloss is not simply down to her.

“I want to thank WW leaders Ann and Chrissy for all of their support.

“They have been so nice and supportive of me over the course of my journey.

“They are always so welcoming and put everyone at ease - whether it be old or new members. I would definitely encourage everyone to join up to Weightwatchers, particularly our class.”

Ann Fox, Jennifer’s leader for Weightwatchers praised Jennifer’s deidcation and commitment to class.

“She’s dedicated, she always stays behind after the weigh in for the class meetings and I believe that is why she has been so successful.

“Jennifer admits herself that staying behind for class is the best thing because you always manage to pick up hunts and tips that you didn’t know before.

Speaking of the new GP referral scheme for obese patients to Weightwatchers Ann said: “Type 2 Diabetes is now on the rise so GPs are sending patients to us because a small lifestyle change such as what Weightwatchers offers can completely cure it.

“It’s great that the medical profession are now recognising that it is a very healthy way to lose weight.”

Ann classes are at the City Hotel on Wednesdays.

Log on to www.weightwatchers.ie

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