I love you, you’re 
perfect, now change

Cast members of 'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change' Alan Wright and Jude Cornette. Photo GC Photographics
Cast members of 'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change' Alan Wright and Jude Cornette. Photo GC Photographics

Love, marriage, sex and everything that goes with relationships will come under the spotlight next weekend in the Playhouse when musical ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ hits the stage as part of the Big Tickle festival.

The show is described by producer, director, actor and all round mutli-talented guy Kieran Griffiths as a “musical romp” which takes the audience through “all the trials and tribulations of relationships”.

And nothing is taboo - from that first meeting, to marriage, to the first time you have sex, to the times when you are too tired to have sex - this is an adult only show which wowed audiences in New York over the course of an 11 year run.

And it only ever came to the stage thanks to Kieran who discovered the music from the show while researching audition pieces for his application to the Royal Scottish Academy of Drama.

“I was looking for songs which would suit my voice when I heard about this show.” he said. He quickly secured the rights to bring the show to Ireland and, while fundraising for his studies, staged it in the Playhouse in 2006.

The response was overwhelming. “We had people who didn’t know what to expect who came on the first night - and came back again on the last night because they enjoyed it so much.”

And it is a show which leaves an indelible impression. It is both hilariously funny, and poignantly moving in places. But it is the professionalism of the local cast which impresses most. The quality of the production, casting and vocal performances could stand proudly beside any West End show.

“The cast have done this show twice before now - we joke that we will be doing it all our lives,” Kieran said. “But each time we do it, we get something different from it. It’s because we are older now, and at different stages in our lives - different pieces mean more to us.”

Not for the faint hearted - the show will feature some interesting sights - including a man in a gold thong and Kieran himself will don a nappy... smeared in Nutella.

“One thing I can say about this show is that you are absolutely guaranteed to have a giggle at it. There is something in it that everyone can relate to and I think that is why it is so successful.”

As director Kieran said he has subjected the cast to a pretty intensive rehearsal schedule. “Everything from the staging, to the timing to the harmonies has to be spot on - so it has been intensive but we hope it will be a show people won’t forget.”

For a night to remember - which will tickle your funny bone and leave you singing as you leave the Playhouse, make sure to catch ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ next Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Tickets are priced at £10 - and the show is expected to sell out so early booking is advisable.