I'm no diva - Nadine

She may be one of Derry's most successful exports but singer Nadine Coyle has no ambitions of taking on the diva-like qualities of some female singing stars.

Speaking in IN Magazine the 24 year old, who was recently named the Most Glamorous Female in Northern Ireland said she surrounded herself with people she hoped would keep her grounded and that if she started acting like a diva she hoped they would "put her back in her place".

She said that while some people embrace the celebrity scene she prefers to surround herself with family and friends - and tries to keep a sensible head in all aspects of her life.

Speaking about spending, she revealed she has a frugal side but was once left so embarrassed at a major department store that she spent more that she would normally dream of.

"There was one occasion when I was shopping in a famous store in London and I was trying on a coat and after being plied with cappucinos and champagne I was told it was five nine two and thinking it was 592 I handed over my credit card to pay for it, only to find out it was actually 5920!

"I couldn't back out when I had got this far at the till but I don't tend to spend like that normally. For the most part, I think I'm sensible enough. I work hard and it's nice to treat myself every so oftern, but I'd rather buy a house or something for the business than spend money on clothes for myself."

When questioned about her home town the Steelstown singer said she finds it hard to get home, especially now that her family have moved to be with her in Los Angeles.

She said her recent return to Northern Ireland to promote her debut solo single 'Insatiable' was so packed that she did not get the chance to catch up with her old friends back in Derry - however she does point out that she has been away from her home town for a long time.

"I moved to London when I was about 16 or 17, and being so young I wasn't really out socially in the bars and clubs in Derry anyway.

"Sometimes when I'm home with the rest of my family we'll get a room somewhere - we've done this bfore in Earth nightclub and get all of our friends together and enjoy a night surrounded by people we want to be there."

Nadine's debut solo album 'Insatiable' is out now and the second single from the album 'Put Your Hands Up' is set for release in early 2011.