‘I’m not afraid of RAAD’ - target

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A Derry man targeted by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) has told the ‘Journal’: ‘I’m not afraid of them’.

The vigilante group has claimed it fired an Uzi submachine gun at a man in the Brandywell area of the city on Friday night last.

In its statement, the group claimed the incident was an “attempted assassination” of a named individual who they made a number of allegations against.

RAAD also vowed to repeat its attack on the man and, in a chilling warning, said it would “kill him at the earliest opportunity.”

This week, the man targeted by the group told the ‘Journal’ he wasn’t afraid of RAAD and challenged them to “meet me - any time, any place.”

The man - who said he had served a prison sentence for drug related crime - insisted he was no longer involved in the drugs trade.

“I’ve done my time in jail and I’m trying to get on with my life - but these people won’t allow me to,” he said.

“I don’t sell drugs anymore but these people don’t care. They’re trying to make themselves out to be heroes but they’re not.”

The man - who asked to remain anonymous - also claimed he have been targeted by the group in the past.

“The windows in the house were smashed and my kids, who were sitting in the kitchen at the time, were badly shaken. We’re talking about two children under the age of 10. What right do these people think they have to target children?

“I want these people off my back once and for all. There may be people out there who are scared of them - but one thing’s for certain, I’m not.”