I want to meet Saville - niece

Lord Saville.
Lord Saville.

A niece of Gerald Donaghey has said she wants to meet Lord Saville “face to face” to ask him how he came to the conclusion that her uncle was “probably” carrying nailbombs when he was shot dead on Bloody Sunday.

Geraldine Doherty was speaking after Lord Saville, in an interview earlier this week, defended the decision reached in his report into the 1972 massacre that the 17 year-old “was probably in possession of the nail bombs when he was shot”.

His family have always denied the suggestion that he was carrying nailbombs and have insisted they were planted in his pockets by members of the security forces after he died.

His niece said that a reconstruction of the statements to the Saville Inquiry, which was staged in Derry on Sunday, would leave no-one in doubt that the nailbombs were planted. The reconstruction was filmed and is now available online.

Ms Doherty said she wants to meet with Lord Saville to discuss what she describes as a “stain” on her uncle’s character.

“I would like to meet him face to face. I want to sit Saville down and show him the reconstruction, which uses evidence from his own inquiry, and ask him how be came to say that Gerry had nailbombs on him.”

Ms Doherty also insisted that she will continue to campaign until her uncle’s name is entirely cleared.

“I am not going away Saville said that he will not re-open this unless there is new evidence but he does not need any - the evidence is already there. We will continue to campaign and we know we have the support of the people of Derry.”

Writing in today’s Journal, leading human rights campaigner, Jane Winters, says Lord Saville’s judgement on the nailbombs was “wrong”. She says Saville made no attempt to prove that Gerarld Donaghey was carrying the nailbombs when he was shot while running between Glenfada Park and Abbey Park on January 30th 1972.

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