‘I would love to be fostering for at least another 20 years’

Ann Marie Coyle. (2105PG01)
Ann Marie Coyle. (2105PG01)

17 year old Andrea* says being fostered by her grandparents was ‘life-changing’.

“I have been living with my granny and granda since I was two days old, because my mummy wasn’t well enough to look after me and my big sister. My younger sister came here when she was seven months old, and my brother came when he was five months old.

“I am very happy with both my grandparents and will always remember what they did for me and my siblings, giving up so much for my family, even their jobs, to take care of us. I don’t have much contact with my mother - the last time I saw her she was drinking and didn’t look very well.

“Granny and Granda foster lots of children, as well as us. When they arrive we always make an effort to sit down and talk with them so they feel comfortable. It never gets lonely here, there’s always somebody to chat to.

“I get on brilliantly with my social workers and everyone at Fostering Network- they’re so good to me and I see them loads. It doesn’t bother me that people know I’m fostered. I love it here, and fostering is definitely something I would try myself.

“Fostering is brilliant and I’d say to anyone thinking about it to just do it. It’s meant everything to us. Without my granny and granda we’d probably have been split up and wouldn’t have been able to see each other. That’s just too awful to think about.”

*names have been changed to protect identity