‘If in doubt, keep them out’ - Dobbins

Councillor Angela Dobbins.  (1301JB11)
Councillor Angela Dobbins. (1301JB11)

SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins has spoken of the need for people to be mindful of the dangers of bogus callers.

This comes after bogus callers attempted to gain entry to the home of an elderly man in the Culmore area of Derry. Ms. Dobbins said: “I was deeply disturbed to hear that an elderly man living in the Culmore area had bogus callers to his door. This must have been very frightening indeed. Following this incident it is essential that we are all vigilant and mindful of our own safety and that of others.

“In particular we should be aware of the more vulnerable in our society, especially with the approach of the darker evenings.  While most callers are genuine, if you are unsure then you should not let an unknown caller in. If in doubt, keep them out.

“The aim of the bogus caller is to try and talk their way into your home, after all if they can walk through your front door after receiving an invite from you, why should they go to all the trouble of having to break into your property.”

Colr. Dobbins went on to advise people to take steps before answering their doors to strangers.

“I would encourage people to look out their window first before going to the door; only open the door when you have put the chain on; get a good look at the person’s clothing; ask for ID and a name; always lock the back door before opening the front or vice versa and let the police and your neighbours know if you have had a suspicious caller at the door.”